There are different types of sadhus that will visit to the places where grandest human gathering Kumbh Mela is held. At Kumbh Mela events you can watch to various types of sadhus performing there holy rituals in different ways. On Shahi Snan day there are numerous sadhus who will perform the ritual river baths. Their presence at the mela enlightens the spirituality and harmony among the people. You can take a look at the different sects of sadhus in Kumbh Mela.

Naga Sadhus are seen in large groups during the Kumbh Mela. The Naga Sadhus physically portrays the ways of living peacefully with the least number of material accessories. Their weapons and powers that they have are never used for any kind of aggression and used only to defend. They have lot of internal strength and ultimate powers makes them non violent.  Their lives are great examples of how all human miseries is self-created by falling out with the universal cosmic truths. By looking at them leading their lives is itself a reminder to other people to introspect on their life choices as well as what ideas their life choices are based on.

Kumbh Mela is a one and only festival on the planet where common people get to see the naga sadhus live their effortless yet extraordinary lives, and get blessing by being in the same environment as them.

The Naga Sadhus was founded by Dattatreya. Later, Shankaracharya implemented the group to protect Sanatana Dharma. It is the lifestyle that goes beyond our consciousness. Sanatana Dharma is classified as Hinduism and followed by them.

Naga Sadhus have no need to reinforce their identity as they are dissolved in their Bhakti (devotion) for the God Mahadeva (Shiva).  They smear their body with sacred ash that denotes the fleeting nature of life.  Putting it on their body implies that the body is temporary and shows the critical and immediate need for people to seek what is permanent and one’s true Self.

As they do not want anything that someone has, the Nagas are the most satisfied of all humans. They don’t have enemies since they leave the least destructive impact on the mother earth.  At the same time they do not have any fear. There is no group of people who are as non violent as this group of Sadhu.

Thus for you it becomes a golden opportunity to watch them in their grand possessions at the Kumbh Mela and to seek blessings from them and participate in the tradition of holy dip into the rivers after them. It is believed that they enhance the spirituality of water by performing the custom before other common people. So go to the Mela to meet these Sadhus and learn some more facts about their life.   

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