Green Ambitions – Hotel and Catering Review

Cliste Hospitality and SSE Airtricity are powering towards net zero with a 100% green gas partnership

SSE Airtricity has announced it has signed a three-year partnership with Cliste Hospitality to provide energy solutions through its 100% green gas supplies. Through this partnership, the hospitality consultancy will become the first hotel group in Ireland to contract a green gas product that will enable the group to transition to net zero emissions.

The partnership between SSE Airtricity and Cliste Hospitality includes five hotel properties – Radisson Blu Hotels in Cork, Limerick and Athlone, the Kilkenny Hibernian Hotel and the Tullamore Court Hotel – that will receive green gas from 2023 and will be supplied with a total of 36.8GWh of energy. It’s expected that this partnership will lead to a reduction of 7,532 tonnes of CO2 per annum for the five Cliste properties, which will support the hospitality groups green ambitions.

The collaboration with SSE Airtricity will provide the necessary energy supplies to the hotel group, while also enabling Cliste Hospitality to transition to green energy solutions and become more sustainable in its operations. Klair Neenan, Managing Director of SSE Airtricity, said: “SSE Airtricity is delighted to partner with Cliste Hospitality and assist with the target of net zero emissions. It is great to work with an organisation that shares in our values and is looking for new ways of reducing emissions. Through our bespoke energy solutions, we are proud to help Cliste take another important step on the road to net zero by significantly reducing their carbon footprint. For over a decade, SSE Airtricity has been a leader in driving Ireland’s green energy revolution, with many great partners across the country and we are delighted to add Cliste Hospitality to that list.”

Chris Austin, Group Director of Operations with Cliste Hospitality said: “We are delighted to partner with SSE Airtricity and their 100% green gas supply platform. This partnership is closely aligned with our Carbon Reduction Management strategy and our commitment to continued carbon reduction strategies across our group. We are firmly committed to playing our part in creating a more sustainable present and future, in everything that we do, and we look forward to working with SSE Airtricity to achieve our company goals in these areas.”

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