World TravelThe World Travel Pass is an electronic prepaid bundle of 4 or 8 one-approach flight credit used for travel inside specific geographical zones.

An insightful hub. Food for thought. I offer you my pun for the day: My lounge is the First World, my kitchen, the Second…and my teenager’s room the Third. Deborah Brooks— You are quite welcome, Debbie. Thank you for the voted up and your expression of affection for this Hub. You know that I assume the world of you and your countrymen. Thank you for providing balance to my account. God Bless You! We are a specialist in luxury, business and expedition travel with our professional private consultants able to reply your queries.

I even have quoted the statistics before that clearly present, by a large margin, Christians, and to a somewhat lesser extent other Conservative folks, give far more cash to charity, donate extra of their time to volunteer, and even give much more blood. I am glad you found this text attention-grabbing. I appreciate the visitation. Thank you for the correspondence. And glorious eye opening article and an academic one as nicely. I didn’t know the history of first, second, and third world and how they were categorized.

Great hub which presents a fantastic wealth of data. United States of America’s being in a list of first world nation has become favorable for missions in reaching out the unevangelized countries. America has been blessed by God to be a first world nation so that it can be a blessing to many third world nations significantly in bringing out the Gospel to them. America has been an incredible blessing to the Philippines for bringing the Word of God to its shores. Thank you James for sharing this great hub right here at Hubpages. May you be blessed immediately and at all times. Best regards.

To say the least that is an interesting Hub; the feedback ought to start shortly. I at all times enjoy listening to other viewpoints and since I have taught many of those topics I discovered this Hub fascinating….thanks for doing your research and having an knowledgeable opinion. Fullerman5000— Thank you, my pal, for the kind compliments. I sincerely admire your go to and your comments. Godspeed! Gypsy Willow— Ah! Thanks for coming again to fill me in. I will pray for the homeless of Sacramento right now.

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