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Wiki TravelWhen you want to know what the capital of Tajikistan is (Dushanbe), or why the Saved by the Bell gang had two senior proms (blame Tori), you verify Wikipedia. Following that very same perception in the knowledge of crowds,” four-12 months-old website Wikitravel is a challenge to create a free, complete, up-to-date, and dependable worldwide journey guide.” Because many travelers’ decisions in lodging, eating places, and actions are largely decided by the recommendations of others, Wikitravel looks like a beautiful idea. But it’s also an idea that could be extra interesting in principle than in observe.

For Wikitravel Press, the assist of Internet Brands was critical: with out it, there was no model, and with out the model there was no company. (The very identify of the corporate relied on an Internet Brands trademark!) But for Internet Brands, Wikitravel the site was just one brand in a secure of dozens, and a dinky little appendix to that website producing no revenue was on the absolute bottom of the precedence listing. We have been now stuck: that they had negotiated the initial agreement as a result of legally they needed to, however once the ink on that was dry, we would have absolutely zero leverage with them until and unless we began raking in serious income.

Wikitravel was began in July 2003 by Evan Prodromou and Michele Ann Jenkins, partly impressed by Wikipedia. To permit people, tourism agencies, and others to make free reprints of individual pages more simply than permitted by the GNU Free Documentation License (used by Wikipedia at that time) it used the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license. Since Wikipedia and Wikitravel are licensed below the Attribution ShareAlike license, applicable content could be shared between the 2 as long as licensing requirements are met.

I realized that this was not 100{caaa38795bde35601f0976484de76b513b7b5e969d02227e216ec60f8a803bad} true. I am not a lawyer, by the best way. The following is not legal advice. One of the things about en:trademark , at the very least in the USA, is that it’s a must to actively defend your trademark. If you sue somebody for trademark infringement, they usually can present that you have not been imposing that trademark, a choose can determine that you just lose the trademark.

My plan for this journey to Thailand was based mostly on a somewhat corny vision: I wanted to climb a limestone cliff with my naked hands and look out on the ocean below, while pursuing a thoughts empty of stray thoughts. That meant I had three fundamental questions: Where can I find mountaineering in Thailand? What kind of individuals go there? And the place can I keep? On all three questions, Wikitravel didn’t deliver—in part as a result of it is still new but also because, satirically, Wikitravel fails to capitalize on the full potential of the Web.

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