Wiki TravelFor a while, the contributors to Wikitravel have been in somewhat a mutinous temper. A proposal has been made on Wikimedia Meta referred to as Wiki Travel Guide which has asked the Wikimedia group to incubate and ultimately run a travel information web site.

I went guidebook-free with some trepidation. Since my teenage years, Lonely Planet has been my touring security blanket. Yes, the guides may be grumpy and self-righteous, and are so widespread that they can turn any misplaced city into a grungy backpacker mecca. But Lonely Planet faithfully led me throughout Eastern Europe as an adolescent and round East Asia thereafter, and I remain grateful. Going without felt like packing no underwear—probably liberating but just a little unnerving.

I’ve been talking with the Creative Commons of us, and they have a objective of revising some of their licenses this winter. One revision shall be to make ShareAlike licenses suitable with the GFDL That’ll mean that Wikitravel content material may be imported into Mediawiki projects. Unfortunately, GFDL’d content won’t be capable of enter Wikitravel, but that is one other fish to fry.

Nevertheless, in Wikitravel’s case, I really feel confident in predicting the reply: the new fork will win, by a mile. Many of the explanations are clear — Wikitravel’s license permits copying all of the content material, nearly all editors and admins will soar ship, and the Foundation’s technical expertise in working MediaWiki are second to none — but one takes some explaining.

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