Cheap Souvenirs in Osaka, Here Are Some Shopping Places You Can Visit!

A vacation to Osaka, Japan and visiting various interesting tourist spots is certainly not complete if you don’t hunt for the typical souvenirs. Osaka is an interesting area that must be visited for shopaholics. In Osaka there are many places that are the center of souvenir hunting, ranging from expensive to cheap.

Here are recommendations for cheap shopping places in Osaka that are suitable for backpackers to visit.

1 Shinsaibashi

Shinsaibashi is a shopping place in Osaka which is quite famous among tourists. Because of its popularity, this shopping place is always crowded with visitors every day.
Shinsaibashi street has various kinds of shops, boutiques, restaurants, to retail that sell various kinds of objects. During the day many tourists come to shop, meanwhile at night there are musical performances that you can watch.

2 Dotonbori

Exploring Osaka is certainly not complete if you don’t hunt for souvenirs while eating.
One of the tourist destinations that can be visited is Dotonbori.
There is a trading area visited by many tourists. The items for sale are very diverse. Ranging from fashion to souvenirs that are suitable to be brought home as souvenirs typical of Osaka.

3 Americamura

Apart from Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori, Americamura is also a cheap shopping place in Osaka. In Americamura there are many shops that sell clothes and fashion equipment at affordable prices.

4 Tenjinbashi

Another cheap shopping place is Tenjinbashi. Tenjinbashi is in the northern area of Osaka Prefecture.
The shopping center in Tenjinbashi is the longest shopping area in Japan, spanning 2.6 kilometers.

5 Universal Studios Japan & Aquarium Kaiyukan

Since the only Universal Studio in Asia is only in Osaka, buying souvenirs here is a must. You’ll find shops throughout the park, and who wouldn’t love to receive Harry Potter’s wand as a gift? The same goes for the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. You won’t regret buying a stuffed dolphin toy here.

6 Baton D’Or

You may not have heard of the Bâton d’or – or even Pocky – before setting foot in Japan, but you shouldn’t leave town without a box of these original Osaka snacks by Glico. Pocky is sold everywhere in Japan, while gourmet Pocky, which is made with rich, real butter, is sold in only four locations in the world. has two Bâton d’or branches in Takashimaya in the Namba City shopping center and inside HANKYU Department Store Umeda. Kyoto has a branch in Takashimaya, and another shop is in HANKYU Hakata.

7 551 Horai

You can sample 551 Horai’s signature steamed pork buns at several locations in Osaka, and these buns aren’t just for eating on the spot. Buy a box to take home because you’ll DEFINITELY want to enjoy it again later. These buns can last up to five days, so it won’t be in vain to put them in your suitcase.

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