Delights of A Copenhagen Cruise With the City Cruiser Bike

What is your preferred mode of transport around your city? Car, walking, subway or is it none of the above? Well, it is rare to find one who chooses to cycle around the city as their means of transport. Bicycles have long since fallen out of favor as a preferred means of transport for teenage and morning exercises. However, they are not entirely out of existence since Copenhagen as taken up the bicycle as their preferred transport means. The City Cruiser Bike is one such bicycle made for the perfect cruise around the Copenhagen streets.


Why Choose The City Cruiser Bike?         

We all know of the dire consequences of environmental pollution and Copenhagen’s effort to be the center of conservation efforts. Well, the bicycles are one of those efforts thus, it is common to find a cyclist pumping away around the city. The creation of the city cruiser also adds on to its love for its design. The aim is to create a stylish yet simple method of urban mobility. It becomes that much easy to conserve the environment when you are riding on a stylish two-wheel stallion.


The Mark of Style and Artistry

The City Cruiser bike is a creation of the Copenhagen Bike company which as a renowned reputation for its quality. The company is an old game in the production of cycles and as long since perfected its craft. The company ensures every detail and aspect of the design is handmade for the most comfortable feel. One such aspect is the handmade frame, which adjusts to the cyclist’s height for maximum comfort. Additionally, every cycle is as per the customer’s specifications and preferences ensuring maximum personalization. This ensures that the bicycle is as comfortable down to the last detail.

Quality Materials for a Styles Design

Input determines the quality of the output. It also applies when applying artisanship, you always use quality materials for a quality finish. The Copenhagen Bike Company knows the trick, which ensures it as only the quality materials for the perfect finishes. An example is the Brooks leather seats, which are both soft and comfortable. The handles are all made of leather for comfort and a stylish feel about it. The company only uses materials for select renowned bicycle parts manufactures. These manufacturers have worldwide reputations for tier efforts in ensuring quality for their productions.


Specifications and Special Features

The quality materials used on the City cruiser ensure you get the most stylish design. To start off, the CR-MO tubes used for the frames are not only stronger than normal steel but also lither. This ensures the total weight of the cruiser is 10kgs even with all other additions. Still on the quality note, the City Cruiser sports a Copenhagen bike company iconic chain. This is something of a secret crowning feature on the company’s cycles not just for its design but also for its aesthetic quality. The simple lines and minimalistic design keeps it discreetly hidden from notice but also gives the City Cruiser Bike its beauty.

It seems outrageous to imply that a bicycle would be as stylish as any sports car or as sleek and any sports motorcycle but with the City cruiser is worth its praise. The sleek designs and stylish finish, when enforced by a personalized touch, ensures you get your perfect blend of choice. The cycles are perfect for more than their style and designs they return to the environment. In tandem with the global image of the city of Copenhagen, the cycles reduce the fuel emissions rampantly. This adds to the efforts towards a greener earth with reduces global warming risks.

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