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50 Best Things to Do in Amsterdam - Netherlands Tourism

Amsterdam is known worldwide for being a city rich in artistic expression. It is the capital of the Netherlands and is located between the IJ river and the banks of the Amstel River. It is a city where you will never get bored. For example, if you want to visit the Moco Museum, you will surely want to see the giant Gummy Bear sculpture or live with the psychedelic experience of the exhibition created by Studio Irma called “Reflecting Forward”. Although it is a city that stands out for all the art it has to offer its visitors, you can also delight your palate with a variety of delicious dishes and drinks. After visiting an Amsterdam art museum, your next stop has to be a restaurant, a bar, or even a distillery. There are many options to discover a variety of flavors and textures that will delight your palate.

A different flavor every day

You should be prepared to taste a wide variety of flavors. Sweet or savory, mild or spicy, there are many options to choose from. Do you prefer a restaurant that has been awarded a Michelin award? In Amsterdam, you can find some. Do you prefer the typical food of a certain country? You can eat at Italian restaurants like the “Pasta e Basta” restaurant, where the servers sing opera. If you are looking for a quick and delicious bite, visit any of the Febo establishments in the city. There you can eat “frikadellen'”, the typical croquettes of the city. If you like to eat surrounded by nature, the Kas restaurant is located in the former municipal greenhouse. Take your time to discover all the options this city has to offer.

What about the drinks?

Although eating is delicious, so is enjoying an exquisite drink. Moreover, in Amsterdam, you will come across distilleries that brew their own beers. In other words, you will be able to taste a drink that is not sold anywhere else in the world. Do you know Heineken beer? Their main distillery is located in Amsterdam and they offer a tour that includes a final tasting of a variety of beers. It is an interesting way to understand the careful process required to brew a beer. Did you know that the oldest distillery in the world is located in this city? It is called “House of Bols” and in its tasting room, you will be able to taste up to 38 different types of liquors.

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