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Wiki TravelI assume we share virtually all the identical targets and concepts that Wikimedia does. If there’s any large difference, it is that we strive to focus on paper output. People who’re traveling do not at all times have ready entry to a pc – it may be nice to have printed guides.

The last motion attributed to the defendants occurred on August 18, 2012, but Internet Brands only applied to register Wikitravel” as a trademark on August 22, 2012. (Deep links to the USPTO aren’t allowed, however attempt a trademark search on TESS) Now, unregistered logos can nonetheless be logos, however it’s still interesting that IB apparently did not care about it till this yr!

Alternatively, we might have taken the approach that PediaPress does on Wikipedia and allowed users to construct their own customized guides , however this could have required installing a custom extension onto Wikitravel. Alas, the site was and remains totally underneath the control of Internet Brands, who had been exceedingly reluctant to do even fundamental maintenance, a lot less set up experimental extensions to help someone else’s bottom line.

It was surprisingly tempting to simply go away or not it’s and fake that all was good, and on reflection I wonder what number of times I answered the standard so how’s the business doing?” query with Fine, it will make a revenue this 12 months!”. But even via this haze of self-delusion it was starting to sink in that there was primarily no life like prospect of progress in our current line of enterprise, and that printed books were a lifeless finish.

In retrospect, Wikitravel Press was the Minidisc of its time. In the same approach that Sony’s Minidisc was revolutionary in comparison with cassettes, it was a revolutionary way to do printed books, but both forms of bodily media have been swiftly obsoleted by the far higher revolution of digital know-how: MP3 players for music, telephones and tablets for books.

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