Wiki TravelI’ve contributed to collaborative information tasks like Usenet, Everything2 and Wikipedia so long as I’ve been hanging around on the Internet, however Wikitravel was finally the one which managed to synthesize most of my pursuits collectively: I get to examine weird and wonderful places, travel to them myself, take fairly footage and then write about it for all of the world to see! And the comprehensiveness and immediacy of Wikitravel simply blows away any traditional guidebooks.

Hawaii has palm trees and seashores; Iceland has snow-capped mountains and glaciers. Between their sun-soaked Christmases and blizzard-stuffed Easters, Hawaii and Iceland actually are worlds aside. However, as anyone who’s been to each will testify, they are very similar in that their scenery will amaze and astound. It will affirm each perception that God has genuinely touched this earth with His hand.

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