Wiki TravelThere are hundreds of wikis in existence, various massively in high quality and scale. These are a couple of of the most nicely-identified examples.

The unique journey wiki. After it was bought by Internet Brands (IB) and was transformed right into a for-revenue advertising hellhole with corporate admins who do not give a crap concerning the community, it grew to become an increasing number of outdated and irrelevant. Nowadays it’s mostly used by spambots, touts and IB’s paid admins trying to comb the desert.

The selection of utilizing the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license comes out of this focus on paper output (see the web page Mav mentioned for details). The GFDL has some hefty requirements for redistribution, and we wished to lighten those. So, we went with the CC by-sa, because it’s about as close as you can get to the copyleft spirit of the GFDL.

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