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That is true. Extensive intelligence tests have been run worldwide for many years on all types of people. The results have been hush-hushed as a result of they do not match up with the politically right, multiculturalist worldview. It is clear that all cultures are not equal, but that they are continues to be taught to kids in America. Indeed! Part of the postmodern idea is that what is mistaken with sure people is society’s fault, thereby negating the previous Christian thought of individual duty for one’s behaviors.

Probably not. I actually have seen many people equate having a wall between us and Mexico with the Berlin Wall, which leads me to believe they do not know the difference between a wall to maintain invaders out and a jail wall. quicksand— It is at all times a definite pleasure to hear from you, my buddy. I enjoyed the humorous reminiscence in regards to the Hoover advertisement. Your comments are, as at all times, considerate and insightful.

Italy and the USA buy tons of merchandise made in Egypt. Egypt has the best non-oil gross home product of any Arab nation. $8 billion flows into Egypt annually from remittance funds from the 3 million Egyptians who stay overseas. Multinational oil firms have invested $27 billion over the past 15 years in Egypt searching for oil and fuel.

While we are at it, we will put to bed one other fable: the wealth of the First World was built on the backs of widespread laborers. Labor is frequent everywhere in the world. The Second World and the Third World both had way more laborers than did the First World. If that fable had been true, the First World can be the Third World—the First World featured the fewest widespread laborers of the three worlds.

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