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As I read this very informative and intelligently written hub, James, I could not help however assume, do these hundreds of protesters within the U.S. know the true cause why the Berlin Wall was built? And why so many Germans living in East Berlin escaped to the West? Probably not. They would possibly view Socialism/Communism in a wholly different approach in the event that they did a little bit historical past homework.

Our youngsters information will present many kids journey tales, kids interviews and children journey experiences and on this Children’s Travel Guide additionally, you will discover many pictures about life in the totally different countries – There are many photos of the wildlife, population, attractions, food, customs, holiday actions for youths as well as a kids world map and flags for kids, many fun quizzes and travel trivia questions for youths and so much extra.

Americans are also by far essentially the most beneficiant folks on earth—they give twice as much to charity each year as any other folks. (Of all Americans, secularists give the least money to charity and volunteer the least of their time; Christians by far probably the most of each.) The point being that Americans strongly imagine in Christian Charity and they don’t seem to be greedy or uncaring about these less lucky—as some Leftists declare.

In spite of all we learned right here at the moment concerning the world, maybe 10 percent of Americans yearn to destroy their own nation. They hate what it stands for, are disgusted by its historical past, assume its flag a symbol of oppression, hate Free Enterprise, and are decidedly anti-Christ. They are obsessed with proving how oppressive America is to women and other people of shade regardless of the information that ladies and people of color have by no means had it so good at any time in any place in world history as in America in the present day.

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