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The RFC is expected to run until the end of August, with a proper resolution and the launch of the new web site to follow quickly thereafter. To be notified if and when the new site it goes reside, please sign up at this form You will obtain a single mail, and your e-mail deal with will then be thrown away. But that dream stayed a dream, as a result of there have been two methods to make this occur, and both have been blocked by limitations outside out management.

Where to start? First, Internet Brands didn’t give” Holliday administrator access; he has been an administrator since June 2005 , earlier than Internet Brands purchased the site. Second, administrative access just isn’t necessary to mail customers, as anyone who’s logged in can do it: this is a type for sending mail to everybody’s favorite Internet Brands apologist, Paul IBobi” ‘Brien. (Be nice, mmkay?) And third, bolster the appearance” and writing to them by name” are just nonsensical, since MediaWiki kind e-mails clearly present the name of the sender and doesn’t expose any of the receiver’s personal information.

I’ve been speaking with the Creative Commons folks, and so they have a aim of revising a few of their licenses this winter. One revision shall be to make ShareAlike licenses appropriate with the GFDL That’ll imply that Wikitravel content material will be imported into Mediawiki projects. Unfortunately, GFDL’d content won’t be capable to enter Wikitravel, but that is another fish to fry.

The different excessive is that Internet Brands tries to prevent or sabotage the fork through authorized action, as they did within the vBulletin vs XenForo case that’s apparently nonetheless rumbling via the courts. I think that is much more unlikely though: all they own is the Wikitravel trademark and domain, so so long as the new (and presently undecided) identify is sufficiently dissimilar, they won’t have a legal leg to face on. Unlike the XenForo case, there are not any staff leaping ship, the software is open supply, and the content material itself is Creative Commons licensed and will be copied at will.

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