Some Controversial Observations About World Travelers

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Tamarajo— I was moved to put in writing this text the other day when the thought occurred to me that whereas most folks might establish the First World and the Third World, most have no clue what was the Second World. I began out just to write down about that world and it morphed into this after I began discovering and finding out these maps. Thank you for studying my Hub. I appreciate the sort feedback. Perhaps I at the least offered some meals for thought. I know that we should not be very dependent; nevertheless, we’d like more assist, comparable to the assistance given to Germany after the second world warfare.

I do not know a lot about that. Your first dictator was Nasser, yes? He was supported by the Second World, the Soviet Union. The Second World was the world of socialism. It was marked by the whole subjugation of the person to the state, collectivism, official atheism, genocide, and massive human suffering. The Third World was the place the poorest of primitive peoples lived, with the daily features of starvation, malnutrition, illness, filth, and distress. Visit our Winners’ Area to search out out how one can additional promote your success and excellence as a World Travel Awards winner.

The Second World is notable for its oppression of individual freedom; lack of private property and free enterprise; lack of productivity; tyranny; secret police surveillance; spiritual persecution; and its replacement of God with the State. James, you’re a gem. You don’t candy coat the truth and put it forth in a properly introduced method that is simply comprehended by all. God bless you!

To say the least that is an fascinating Hub; the feedback ought to begin shortly. I always take pleasure in listening to different viewpoints and since I even have taught many of those topics I found this Hub fascinating….thanks for doing your research and having an knowledgeable opinion. Fullerman5000— Thank you, my good friend, for the kind compliments. I sincerely admire your go to and your comments. Godspeed! Gypsy Willow— Ah! Thanks for coming back to fill me in. I will pray for the homeless of Sacramento proper now.

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