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Must-Visit Attractions in East Java


East Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia that has complete tourist destinations. This region offers a variety of natural attractions ranging from mountains, beaches, caves, to waterfalls. Furthermore, tourists who like the playground can also come to several locations in the Batu and Lamongan areas.

In general, almost every district or city in East Java has their own superior destinations. Here’s the full review.

  1. Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is an icon from East Java that is well known to foreign countries. Every year, thousands of foreign tourists from Europe come to tourist attractions in East Java, especially during the summer.

This mountain located in Probolinggo offers 3 charms that cannot be easily rejected. First is the vast sea of ​​sand. Walking from parking to the top of the mountain will make you feel like you are in the desert. Secondly is the view from far away that is easy. From the Penanjakan area you can watch the sun rise through the fog.

Third is the sensation of riding horses in the desert. If you are not strong enough to travel, rent a horse to the foot of the mountain and then climb the stairs to the top.

  1. Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater has succeeded in becoming the second icon from East Java whose fame is not inferior to Bali. Located in the Banyuwangi region, the crater of the mountain that continues to emit sulfur is a tourist destination that wants to feel a small ascent while witnessing stunning landscapes.

The attractions offered by tourist attractions in East Java are unique sulfur miners. There were dozens of people mining from the morning to bring chunks of sulfur from the mountain down. In addition, Ijen Crater also has blue fire which is one of the best natural phenomena in the world.

In the early hours, the crater area on this mountain spreads blue like fire. To be able to watch it, tourists must leave at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning so that sunlight does not obscure this amazing phenomenon.

  1. Klayar Beach

Located in Pacitan, Klayar Beach offers water to air. When the waves hit the rock, the water will splash into the air so anyone who is near the site can be soaked without having to dive into the sea.

Tourists who come to Klayar Beach can enjoy the views of coral hills that are carved naturally by water plus big waves and always create attractions. In addition, the natural environment is also still natural because it has been managed properly by the local government.


  1. Gili Labak

After struggling in the Pulau Utama area, we will now continue to the Madura region which also offers attractive destinations.

After traveling from the Kalianget Region, tourists can watch the blue clear sea and also a small island that has soft white sand.

In tourist attractions in East Java, tourists can do interesting activities such as swimming in calm water, traveling around the island that is not so wide, and snorkeling to enjoy the beauty of coral reefs. Gili Labak is an interesting and still quiet island tourism alternative in East Java & even in Indonesia.

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